1620 & Ritek R04 01 Media Problems

Has anyone had any problems burning the Ritek R04 01 16x media with this drive yet? I’ve attempted 5 tries with both the B7P9 and B7T9 firmware and it stops the burn at the beginning each time saying it can’t write to XXX sectors. I have an NEC 3500a model and never had an issue with this media on that drive. Any suggestions? I’m thinking of just RMAing the drive back to newegg and if I have to get the NEC 3520 mode in place of it. What do you guys think? Thanks!

No issue at all here. Ritek X-series 16x DVD+R

What were the results of the burn? What speed did you burn at and with what FirmWare?

I just purchased 25 of these. I tested the speed, and it says it can do 16x. But when I backed up a dvd using dvdshrink and burn with dvddecrytor(set at max speed), it only burned at avg speed of 10.4x and max speed of 15.4x. Burn quality is terrible at 86%

you probably just have a bad batch of media…Being taiwanese i hate to see the fact that Ritek media is being product in china…poor Q.C and work standards and twn…better stds but not brilliant like japan…
Try another media and see…the drive is quite good considering im burning on unregistered media yet at least im succefull…66% 9 discs 6 sucess

I am not complaining about the drive. It is Ritek R04 that I find disappointing, since Ritek R03 (8x) was pretty good at 12x overspeed. No wonder it is priced just a couple of dollars higher than R03. I just Qscan two more at 16x, one hit about 470 TE and another 450 TE. I think I’ll have to use these as 12x.