1620 Reading DVD movie crc error

Well I just got my 1620 from Newegg and did all the flashing to get it to B7P9. It was to replace my Plextor 16x that is getting returned since it pretty much sucks at writing at 16 speed, and having read that the Benq is a pretty good reader which is what I was looking for.
Anyways, I was trying to backup a regular 7gig movie DVD, but having trouble reading it, where trying to rip it gives a crc read error and playing it eventually ends in it freezing (the DVD does have scratches and scuffing). Just for kicks I put my Plextor 16 speed back in and it plays, rips the DVD fine. So much for the great reader part.
But that is not really the end of the story, I was curious to see if it would perform better reading DVD+R disks, where I have a disk burned at 16 speed on the Plextor with Verbatim 16x that has bad errors (scan of it: ). I am not able to read it with the Plextor drive where the errors occur, but putting this disk into the Benq, it had zero problems reading, playing the disk.
Well I was really hoping that the Benq was going to be a good all around reading drive, but now it looks like I might have to get another drive that can do a better job of reading pressed DVDs?
Anybody have any explanations to what might be going on or have any experience with this? Maybe it seems that it has great ability to read errored data but not so good at reading through physical imperfections (though reading the cdrinfo review it read the gapped dvds fine)?

What are you using to rip it with? DVD Decrypter works well for problem DVDs.

Used both shrink and decryptor. Both returned back saying (essentially) it could not read and had a crc error. This particular DVD causes the Benq to make “clicking” sounds when it is trying to read, which I have not heard from a computer drive before (usually I here them from cd players when it cant read something). Tried a few different pressed DVDs, and others even if they have scratches read fine on the Benq, it just doesnt seem to like this one particular disk. So I don’t think the drive is defective? Maybe I’m wrong?

Get this, with more testing, it seems that after trying to read the movie it could not play and taking out, then putting in a different 7gig movie, it won’t recognize the second movie disk as is in the drive. However, if I put a movie dvd that is not the same as the others like a 4gig movie, then it recognizes that fine (putting in again the 7gig movie it could not recognize did not work). Really frustrating, even after turning off the computer it will not recognize the other movie. The only way I have been able to “reset” it is to put the first disk it could not read which it will recognize then take it out without reading out, then it will read the other disk. I am RMAing it for now just to be sure, though I am still not entirely sure a new one will not have the same problems.