1620 problems. says cant upgrade?



I put together a new PC recently…and moved my BENQ 1620 pro over from old pc where it ran fine. On new pc i cant get it to use cdr or dvdr. it iwll read dics fine.

I tried to upgrade with BenQ flasher drivers. I get:

ATAPI DVD DD 2X16X4X16 Current firmware : G7V9
==> New firmware Version : B7W9

The drive is not allowed to be updated.

any ideas here wha is goin on? do i need to totally remove drive from xp and start fresh? I would love to burn a cd…help please lol


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What you’ve got is an oem 1620 & the f/w is for retail.
You can “crossflash” but this viods any warranty etc.
Have a look at this [B]thread[/B]:



where did you connect the drive to? Perhaps some of those new intel suckers without native IDE ports? On these systems, IDE ports are provided by 3rd party IDE/RAID controllers only. If they are configured as RAID, they won’t work with optical drives. Please check this at first.

As your drive did work before, I would not try to install another firmware.



I’m having a similar problem with a 1620 I just bot and put into an external enclosure. (btw, the enclosure is the same one that I use for my BenQ 1640, which works flawlessly.) When I go into Qsuite, it says “Firmware or product not supported. Please check FAQ or manual” QSuite shows the firmware as B7T9.

Does anybody have any suggestions on how I can fix this? Also, What is the best Firmware to flash to?

Thanks for your help!