1620 problem

Ok so i have the 1620, oem and i have burnt a couple dvds, and can read them fine ( i have burnt files, not actual movies)

now i put in a couple of my BOUGHT dvds and the drive does not pick them up, it just acts as if the drive is empty, ive tried numerous dvds and it is the same story, why does it not read these dvds?

Hi - if you are sure it will not read pressed DVDs, RMA the 1620


Tells us a little more about your machine and setup…

For example, what DVD player software do you have installed?
Is the BenQ on an 80 pin IDE cable?
BenQ master or slave, and is it shared with something?

CPU, RAM, OS version…

Check and tell us what driver is on your IDE controller (or is this USB)?

Which firmware is on the drive?