1620 Pro

Just picked up a retail DW1620 Pro at Circuit City, $89.99. They said they just got them today.

did circuit city just start carrying BenQ?

i don’t think i have ever seen them there before?

hey if you want to save some bucks head over to staples and pickup pacifc digital/BenQ for $60 after rebate. you just have to cross the firmware over from G to B.

Or get it from Newegg.com for $52 delivered No Rebate.

true, but i have just returned 2 retail from them.

paid $16.00 in shipping the 2 back :frowning:

then since i didn’t want to try another one they charged me a %15 restocking fee.

not saying the drive is going to go bad, but this is something you have to go through if it does.

Bad 1620s are the cost of doing business with BenQ. When mine dies it goes in the trash.


Now you can get a retail 1620 for $45 shipped from www.newegg.com-

That’s a bargain-


Just picked up a retail DW1620 Pro at Circuit City, $89.99. They said they just got them today

Me too 2yr extended wart $11.99 30 day trial and if it breaks i get a new or anyother one beat that on line. just dump om sonny $95 atter 6 mos.
The grass isn’t greener or cheaper

I think this is the link you meant. BenQ Beige DW1620 and your right if I didn’t have a 3500 I’d buy it.


Stick with your 3500’s IMO - the 1620 that I drew from Newegg has not been all that sterling with the five test discs so far-

The good news is that it is a much faster reader/ripper than the AOpen 1648/aap that it replaced - so - all is not lost-


I get 14.65X tops on a full DL disc. What are you getting with your BenQ? Or is it better on the SL discs?

chas0039, what is the size (GB) of the disk that you get 14.65x?

I haven’t checked recently after I saw the peak a few months back. It shouldn’t matter what the size is as the max should always come just before the layer break.

See here also:


That’s what I mean. If the layer break is at 4+ GB then the speed probably can reach (almost) 16x.

Yo chas0039 & zevia-

On my 1620 BenQ with a 7.8 gb dual layer pressed movie - I got 14.25x peak with a 10.92x average and a 9.36 minute read time-

However in realworld burning of four of my new movies last night - the BenQ transcoding was wicked slow compared to my old AOpen 1648/aap that it replaced - so now I am going to put the AOpen back in to get my overall burning speed back-


bigmike- I don’t get it. I thought (and also saw your post in other thread) that your Benq is faster than your AOpen.

Yo zevia-

That’s what I saw in the comparisons of the same pressed movie DVD-

But like I said - in the real world of transcoding (exact same software - exact same machine) it is way slower than the AOpen 1648/aap - like 50% slower-

Surprised me too - I was SO hoping for some redeaming value for the BenQ - oh well-


I have just began to find that the BenQ patch does not seem to work on all discs.

I have MCSE patch on the BenQ 1620 with the B7V9 firmware. Some discs will read at the faster reads and some are still locked in starting at 1.7X. These are DL pressed discs. I have tested rips at the same time going from one disc that works to another that doesn’t and back to the discs that work. As I have the AOpen this is not a big problem. All these discs rip just fine there.

Don’t give up Mike, there will be some +Rs out there that will be great on the BenQ.