1620 pro faceplate

Anyone know where I can get the faceplate for the 1620 pro. I already have the tray door coming, just need the faceplate. Thanks…

If you don’t mind loosing the logo’s you could always spray paint it…
(Edit just realised that the logos on the tray but the colour I used is slightly different to the black BenQ uses so it might mismatch if you paint the faceplate.

That’s what I did for mine beige to black, just get a can of Holt’s Dupli Colour acrylic auto spray L116 [satin black] if you have an aluminium black case. [Most car stores should stock it]

Remove the plastic LED fitting from the faceplate and you can glue it back later as unless you have a super precise hand its not possible to tape it off, then spray 2-3 coats with intervals of 30 mins between each one and leave to dry for an hour or two and it comes out very nice indeed and in fact it matches the black colour used with my Lian Li case better than the genuine black 1625 I bought IMO.

Mine is broken…

Have you tried asking BenQ USA if they have them to spare they might sell you one if the current face plate is damaged ?

They said no.


Check your PM.