1620 Pro B7T9 reading speed problems


I bought a 1620 Pro Fw. B7T9 a few weeks ago. Everthing was working fine but as of yesterday I’m having problems with reading DVD disc’s. The drive makes a lot of noise and the speed won’t go over 7x max. Also it starts to read (lots of noise!) slows done again, starts again (etc.). I have tested this on Nero Cd-DVD speed 3.80 (disc quality test) DVDDecrypter (drive makes a lot of noise, tested ASPI and SPTI) and DVDShrink.

It’s not a DMA problem (checked that in the Windows IDE channel settings) and also my CD-Rewriter is on the same IDE channel and reads normal. The burst speed is 19 Mb/s.

All I can think of is PowerDVD asked to set a region a few days ago and I set it to region 2, or a system crash but that shouldn’t normally influence reading speed I think (at least not when DMA is working properly).

I’m really guessing here…mechanical problems?

I’m on a Celeron 900, WinXP SP2, motherboard with VIA chipset.

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Mobos with older VIA chipset and $ntel CPU´s is not a hit…

Transfer rate test doesn’t always tell you the whole story. 19MB/s sounds good but there must be something else holding you back.
Are your chipset and IDE drivers properly installed?

Please tell us more about what kind of discs you are “reading” and the applications you use except those mentioned above.

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Some more info:

Mainboard: MSI 6309 Lite Ver 2.1
Chipset: VIA VTC694X (Apollo Pro133A)

IDE controller: VIA Bus Master IDE controller (I guess the standard Windows, I did not install Miniport drivers)

I did experience problems in the past with Windows XP reverting to PIO mode instead of DMA when reading out nearly unreadable CD’s (too many time out’s). I solved the problem then.

But this time I think it’s another problem.

I use the C:\ drive as a system disc (old Maxtor 20 Gb) and D:\ drive (new Maxtor 160 Gb) as a “data disc” (no OS installed)

The C:\ drive is also responding much slower since a comp crash last week and when I read out a disc in my CD-writer the read buffer fills up quickly.

I have also tried Nero to read out image files and it’s slow too. I have only used non CSS/ copy protected pressed and non-pressed disks.

So there must be something slowing down the system on the C:\ drive or at system level.

I have had no problems writing DVD’s (I have written over 20 the last few days) but I never write over 4x speed so I can’t really tell if it would affect higher writing speeds as well.