1620 or the HP 630

Is there a diif. in quality between these two. The HP is a 1620 but is there an small differences in hardware , obviously FW but once the HP is flashed to a 1620 are they exactly the same?

Does anyone know? This forum has to be for more than just the ultra geeky “scan-offs” that choke it up in here!! :slight_smile: :smiley:


Howdy. Gonna be honest with you…I don’t really know much about the HP 630i, but I’m getting to know a bit about the DW1620 (awesome drive, btw). Here’s what I found out.

The HP 630i spec page can be found here.
And the BenQ DW1620 spec page can be found here.

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[/li]Everything that I find sez…yes. The HP 630i appears to be a rebadged DW1620. I think the confusion seems to be that HP decided to issue their own firmware versions using their own firmware naming scheme.

As many people have done, they’ve cross flashed to “Bxxx” and it appears to be exactly like an OEM DW1620.

Hope this helps.