1620 or 1640?

Hi Guys,

Please excuse my laziness . . . I’m working 70+ hour weeks right now so I haven’t had time to keep up with the forums.

I have a BenQ 1620 flashed to the Pro B7T firmware and it’s worked flawlessly, I couldn’t be more pleased with it!

Now my sister-inlaw would like to buy a DVD burner and asked me which one I would recommend - the 1620 of course comes to mind first but I see it’s apparently being replaced by the 1640. Since I haven’t had time to keep up I dunno if I should steer her towards the 1620 or 1640 . . . sooooo, that’s my question - which one, the 1620 or 1640?



I worked with the 1620/Pro for quite a few months, before I switched to the 1640. My experiances say, that there is no reason, why to stick to the 1620(Pro). The differences are not that big though. The main reasons why the 1640 is the better choice, are in my opinion the better burning quality with 16x media at 16x speed and with unknown/poor media. The rest is basicly the same or slightly better.


Hmm, lets see, buy the old drive and maybe save $2. Or go online and buy the latest kickass drive for a total of $38 bucks!? :confused:

Is that the question!? :iagree:

No, the question is whether the new drive is as good as the old drive . . . new models aren’t always as good as the ones they replace. I haven’t had time to keep an eye on the forums for the last few months so I haven’t read the comments about the 1640.


In general, BenQ 1640 is better than 1620.

Hey, GREAT! :slight_smile: Thank You for the quick answer!

OK, I bought my 1620 as an OEM drive and then flashed it to Pro firmware, do we need to do that with the 1640? Is there a particular firmware working the best in the 1640s?



All you need to do is flash the 1640 to the latest firmware which is BSLB. It is the best firmware to use at this time. :wink:

Agree, get a 1640 :slight_smile:

It´s the better drive

Thanks all - I let my sister-inlaw know and she has one on the way from newegg!

Thanks again!