1620 or 1620Pro?




Thru this fine forum i’ve just found out how good the 1620 is
but not sure of what i really gain on the 1620Pro ?

Not really fussed by speed just out of the box quality burns on proper media (verb -r) without lots of cross flashing - would make me nervous !



1620 and 1620pro are the same drive, no hardware differences, its called pro because it has a newer firmware revision, you can download the latest firmware for the benq1620 from their site which makes the 1620 excatly the same as 1620 pro.


so are they stopping the 1620 and moving on to the 1620pro ?

doesnt make any sense to be exactly the same ?


The 1620 became known as the 1620 Pro once the firmware hit the 4x DL capabilities. I guess BenQ just wanted to put a spin on the name to make it seem like a better unit, but it was infact the same thing, just with new firmware.