1620 on NForce 3 chipset with MS ide vs Nvidia ide drivers

When I updated my setup about 4 mo ago I went from Intel system to an AMD A64

I first used the nvidia ide drivers 2.6 then switched to ms ide drivers(remembering what Olli from clonecd recommended)
It seemed to me that ms ide drivers give less PIE errors, maybe more PIF and slightly lower QS???

the nvidia drivers seem to give more pIE but ?? less PIF…speed seemed the same

I had a real issue last night trying to update my liteon 163 to do 16x ripping with mtk flash …caused winxp not to see either my benq or liteon…got them working but thought I killed 2 drives

in the process I returned to nvidia 2.6 ide drivers…

here is TY02 with modded B7V9 with speedpatch and TY02@TY03…burn time at 12x was 6:12min

so what has been your experience?

anyone using 2.7 version of the ide driver with luck