1620 OEM fw G7P9, any need to update?



My BENQ 1620 OEM is using firmware G7P9 and I stocked up on the Fuji 8x japan discs. I have been burning with great success @ 12x. I have 4 - 50 spools I got for $9.99 at BJ’s on black friday to use up so I think I will stay with this FW for now unless there is any advantage to updating.
I also found shop4tech.com the cheapest cases with free fast shipping. From CA to NY in less than a week.


If your back ups play fine stay with what you have for now.



you already answered your own question:

  1. as long as you have that media which works fine, no reason to upgrade
  2. atm upgrading G7P9 would also mean to crossflash to Retail firmware B7x9 (x=T is latest while S appears problematic) which in many people´s opinion will void your warranty (opinion! no one knows for sure).

So as long as it is not necessary, you dont have to do it. P9 appears to be a quite fine firmware so far, and even many Retail owners are staying with P9 so far if you look around here in the board. I am using G7P9 as well as I dont want to crossflash (so far).

Have fun writing and all the best.