1620 not reading a couple of types of disc



Hi everyone :slight_smile:

First of all I’d like to say what a useful forum what a useful forum :bow:

My question is basically, is my BenQ 1620 OK or is there a problem? Read on…

Ok I’ve done a search, but found nothing (however this thread http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=119645&page=2&pp=25 was very useful)

I purchased the player last week. I have the The B7T9 firmware installed.

I have 25 Ridisc 8 x DVD-R and 10 Datasafe DVD-RW that won’t even read on the player. I did read somewhere on here that the player doesn’t like media <2 x speed???

I have burned things successfully to Packard Bell DVD+R’s and to the free BenQ disk that came with it (DVD+R).

I also bought 25 Datawrite red 4xDVD-r, only 5 of these worked (I was told today that these have been discontinued-but I don’t know the reason for the discontinuance)

So from 5 types, 3 haven’t worked.

I’m fairly new to this DVD copying lark-I was looking to burn some films for my family to watch with spanish subtitles.

Oh…and I can’t install sonic record. I get mesage box that says “C:\Winnt\system32\autoexec.nt. The system file is not suitable for running MS-DOS and \Microsoft Widows applications”???


Are you sure the DVD player supports -R most do but the +R format is the format of choice for the newer dvd players. As long as you use booktyping with the +R / RW media it is the most compatible with dvd players. Also try other -R media to see if thats a problem as some media doesnt burn as well as others.


For your remaining Ritek 8X -R media, burning them more slowly may increase compatibility with your set-top player. Some set-top players are allergic to some medias.

For the RW discs that misbehave, be sure to format/erase them first so that they will fully conform to the drive without any leftovers.

Also, see http://www.videohelp.com and check the lists section of dvd media where you can search for brand name and discover that your RW media is for data backup purposes as it has dubious set-top player performance.

Take a visit to http://www.cdspeed2000.com to download “cd/dvd speed” software. Post scans of your medias that don’t play too well.
FYI: Quality control scans tell only a part of the story. Also try the scan disc (surface scan) of cd/dvdspeed or an ordinary copy-back to hard drive test with DVDDecryptor (user preference “ignore error” set to “off”) to check data integrity when using highly questionable media such as Datawrite -R red 4x).

P.S. Thank you for the compliment! :wink:


Yes It does.


Thanks-but the 1620 will not even recognise the disks (you know like when you put a DVD into a CD player it makes that funny clicking noise)

BTW The disks are Ridisk not Ritek :slight_smile:


I believe the error message is in error. This generally happens when the autoexec.nt file has been deleted or moved. Verify the file exist in the system32 directory… If not do a search and copy it there.


Well, if those Ridisc are TTG02, then you should not be having trouble with them.
Suspect bad drive or bad flash.

However, under the same label, Ridisc 8x -R is also media code TTH01. That is a newer model that has been cheapened for greater profits, and this results in a few coasters. TTH01 has mostly speed-related quality issues and may burn better at 4x.

Oh Boy! do you ever need some good media! Even some non-freaky media would be of great help. :wink: I’ll bet you can find some reasonable DVD+R media at good prices on-line.


my 1620 with B7T9 was unable to start burning Maxell DVD-r 2.4x Media. I backflashed to B7P9 and it burned it, but however failed with BAD BLOCK error just before the Lead Out so that wasn’t reassuring. You say your drive won’t even recognize the media inserted in it - did you try launching QScan to see if it will at least report the Media ID and Manufacturer to be sure it really doesn’t load it?
You can download it from Benq’s site here:


No I didn’t try this, but I have tried using the Nero version, which does the same thing. I may have a go with this.

I’m tempted to take it (the 1620) back.


Well, exchanging it won’t hurt anything. It’s my opinion that you should try some:
CMC 4x
Purchase DVD+R medias
(just one of these medias, not the whole list)
Before you exchange the drive.

That way, you can tell if your current drive works.
Can’t tell if it works when using weird media.
Weird media=weird results.

Oh, and use a plain 4x or 8x +R media that is not inkjet printable.


I decided to take the DVD’s back to the place I bought them from. They were tested on a Pioneer DVD recorder & they worked.

So I took my writer back to the shop (not the same shop) & replaced it for the same model. The model has a slightly newer manuf date (Oct04 as opposed to Sept 04), and has a wider eject button than the previous one.

So I install it-Lo and behold it still doesn’t read them :frowning:

My computer (Bios) now doesn’t recognise it as a Benq player, just an ATAPI DVD recorder etc :frowning:

I think I am gonna take it back & replace with another model, unless someone has any better ideas…


I tried a couple different DVD-R discs in mine (G7M9) and it wouldn’t recognize or burn them. I bought some Maxell 4X DVD+R discs and they seem to work fine. Go figure.


Well after much to-ing and fro-ing I have changed my DVD player to a Plextor. Result-Ridisk work no problem :smiley:

My advice to anyone who has just purchased a Benq-take it back and buy a better one. They may be cheaper but it’ll cost you more in the long run (throwing away disks) e.g I would have wasted £17 (approx $30) on 35 DVD’s that didn’t work with the benq.

Thanks to the response to my thread-you guys are very helpful.