1620/media that actualy plays

I want to know which media you burn w/1620 that plays on your standalone :confused:
I’ve had very good scans but they don’t play in standalone :a
I want to get an idea of what plays, not just a pretty scan :confused:
thanx for any replies :slight_smile:


Is a good place to see what results others have achieved with the DW1620. Sometimes they even list what Firmware version they used.

You will find that it depends on the standalone. If it is less than a year old and good quality then it will play most any. If it is older then I would advise either Taiyo Yuden 8x DVD+R bitset to -ROM or Verbatim 8x DVD+R (MCC 003) bitset to -ROM. I have found that Taiyo Yuden’s are the most compatible.

Inexpensive Supa-Cheap Dvd-R discs are not likely to play well on many set top players. CMC products have frequent data integrity issues, BUT those that will copy back to your hard drive after playing will play just fine on set top players.
The latest crop from Ritek and Ricoh have the same results listed for CMC, and that is spot-quality issues. Optodisc are rumored to have spot quality issues, but I have not purchased any to review. Why do that when Daxon and Prodisc are similar prices?

Sony, TY, Daxon, MCC-Verbatim, and Prodisc that are rated 8x or greater will be most compatible with the speedy burner. I have noticed zero playback problems with these. MCC-Verbatim and Prodisc make the prettiest scans.

+R discs set to -ROM with the bitsetting utility seem to work best.

Your playback issue could be caused by writing software in use.
DVD-Decryptor has an awesome ISO write mode, and the bitsetting utility is built in.

It also takes just a single keystroke with DVD-Decryptor to quality control the disc after writing. The “F” key will put it into rip mode so you can copy the disc file-by-file back to the hard drive (select all files).
This will end in an “OK” dialog box. If, instead of clicking “OK”, you scoot the “OK” box slightly to the right, then you can see the Read Retries listed on the main screen underneath. You should have zero read retries, and that means 100% data integrity, and 100% data integrity will give your set top player a chance to work properly.

If you got all of that, you could have a computer with extreme heat in the case near the DVD writer drive, causing expansion of the plastic during writing. I’ve only seen this in person one time, but it is not impossible.

:bow: thanx for replies :bow:
I use DVD-Decryptor ,and my standalone is only a year old :confused:
maybe standalone is going bad :a :sad:
thnx again :bow: :slight_smile:

Some standalone don’t play DVD +/-R at all, I backed up a movie for a friend and his brand name 1 year old can’t play it while his cheapo Apex 1500 has no problem with it and this is a Maxell 4X DVD-R.

My cheapo VDSPMSAB01, Onidtech and Yi Jhan 001 can be play on both my Apex 1500 and Philips 642, btw the Apex doesn’t play DVD+RW even bit setted to DVD-ROM

What is your firmware revision?
What media are you using?
Do you have any scans you can post from the media that won’t play?
What is the brand/model of your standalone?
Are you sure the Book Type is set to -ROM?
If you are using -R media then you can’t set the Book Type.

I bought a new standalone and all is :bigsmile:
I thought it was 1620 becaues when I started using it thats when my standalone started having problems,but I swithced back to nec 2510 and still had problems :sad:
My new standalone(denon 2900) reads them fine :slight_smile:
I’ve tried B7S9 + B7P9 both seems to burn readable -R(teon,maxell,and philips)with scans 95 to 99.
:bow: Thnx for all the help :bow:

How were you making your movies? Was it a DVD-5 or was it compressed with something? Some players are more picky if your movie has authoring errors.

That media you mentioned is all CMC. While the Philips media code is a “premium” brand with far greater data integrity and a different write strategy, it is also made by CMC. Is it possible that the previous stand-alone player was simply allergic to staring at CMC’s dye? Achooo!!!

I’ve burnt a couple of DVDs on my Philips DVDR1640 (firmware v2.5) using TDK +R media (TDK002) with the -ROM booktype set

They play fine on my two older standalone DVD players, one of which - a 4.5 year-old Grundig museum-piece(OS) - is normally so fussy it wont even play CD-Rs!!!

I think these disks are made by CMC (though I’m still not sure if they qualify as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ quality). No anti-histamine needed here at least! :bigsmile:

I haven’t found anything that my Apex won’t play!!! I even punched a hole in a coffee can lid and put that in. It didn’t play too well, just showed a still picture that said Foldgers Coffee, LOL.