1620 is a Killer!



I was so pleased with my Philips 1640P that I bought a BenQ 1620 too (the price was identical) for another PC.

Immediately after installing it, my NEC ND2500A in a different machine, kissed goodbye to the world and committed suicide :bigsmile:

Can’t say I’m sorry to see it go… It sensed it was no longer in favour and did the honorable thing.



Bye-bye NEC :slight_smile:


In my rig, BenQ 1620 coexist peacefully with my NEC… 3500. :smiley:

BTW, I think your NEC 2500 deserved a better life. :cool:


It existed fine with the first BenQ, but the moment it saw the SECOND drive, well, that’s when it gave up the ghost. And only 6 months old, too!

And at such a tender age, it means it’s still within warranty… so it’s being sent for repair/replacement, and maybe I WILL give it a new lease of life with Herrie’s new firmware… But maybe it will remain on the shelf, as a spare :bigsmile:

Boy, are these BenQs amazing!







Another one (NEC) bites the dust.


Could have been a focus-type failure caused by moving (bumping) the drive. This is frequent with optical drives, especially LG. NEC drives are not prone to this, but it can happen to any optical drive, especially DVD. Roughly half of a CD or DVD drive IS an analog unit, after all. Record players are mechanically similar, and thus, were not a popular option for installation in automobiles. :wink:


Same here, my TDK 1616N is outside of my rig already.


Same… currently used in my second rig.