1620 help

So I’ve been reading about quality burns and I would like to try out some stuff with my 1620.

Now this is an OEM drive, I have made it retail using CVT firmwares and its on the B7W9 firmware.

I am burning some CD’s now and I burnt a regular cd at 16x (its rated at 40x) and ran some test and it came out with 93% quality rating which is not too good for a cd that was just burnt.

THe media is prodisc (memorex) I have some sonys i am gonna try soon and see if they perform better.

But was wondering if there is a unique burning speed for cds as there is with dvds (I believe the consensus was that 12x on 16x dvd is the best result).


I don’t think there is… but 16x up to 24x usually gives better quality in my experience. Also if I’m making a boot disc, I would choose a save slower speed (16x) since 40x and above sometimes make it unbootable.

thanks then 16x is the magic number :wink:

I find that 16X is the best speed for burning audio cd’s on the Benq 1620 and get excellent results with Datawrite Titanium cd’s. I’ve used about 500 of these and only had about 10 fail. Considering their low price, that’s pretty good. They also scan well after 3 years storage which cannot be said of Memorex and Sony.