1620 HELP - Can’t Reach 16X (only 15.36X):



I have a BenQ 1620 DVD drive installed in a Plumax External Case equipped with a Prolific PL-3507 ChipSet. The system is a Sony LapTop with a 2.8GHz P4 processor. My HD speed is 30MB/s (tested via Nero) and my DVD Burst rate is 24MB/s (also tested by Nero). I am running the 47L9 DVD Firmware for a BenQ EW162I external drive. The 3507 Firmware is the latest 2004.12.09.200.

I am using a WinXP/SP2 selective startup with no virus or firewall programs running. The discs are Yuden T02 +R batch #1125.

It appears that MAX speed I can obtain is 15.36X (P-CAV). There has been talk about T02s with batch numbers 1125 and 1133 being BAD but I don’t know if this is my problem. See Attached.

Anyone have any suggestions ???


most likely it is a limitation of the external case. it could me the media, but most of the bad batches show many more pie errors. try other media at 16x and see if you have the same issue. i reccomend mcc004.


Just curious how many seconds different a burn that reaches 15.36x vs one that gets to 16x?


Thanks spryfly for your response…

I have MCC004 on the way…

In the “Big External Case” forum many others have the same setup and don’t have any problem reaching 16X, so I don’t think it’s the case setup…


It’s 6.06 minutes to create disk via Nero. See PNG picture…


beach-hobo > I saw your post in other thread. Do both batches burn like that? I’m only having problems with one 25/pk of TG001133’s. Both my BenQ 1620 and NEC 3500 don’t like them for 16x burning.


I’m on my second 50-pack of Fuji T02s. They have both been #1125.
I have some MCC004 coming in on Thursday, will see if they make a difference.


hmmm Maybe there’s bad in both batches. Looks like it. Like to know how the MCC004’s go.


i’ve seen reports of bad batches of 1125 before…i’m personally avoiding ty until i stop seeing reports of bad batches.




[B]— TESTING UPDATE — From Post#1

Tested Verbatim MCC004 made in Taiwan and reached 15.65X (still not 16X) and still reported as a P-CAV burn. Burn time 6.04.

Comments PLEASE…[/B]


I guess you have a laptop only? No way to hook it to an IDE cable? You have plenty of burst for a 16x burn. Might be all your gonna get out of that BenQ with external enclosure.


[B]Thanks for your reply rolling56,

I don’t think it the burner/case combo. Others have the exact same setup (down to the drive/case firmware revisions) and can reach 16X CAV without any problem.

So I’m still working on trying to reach that mark…[/B]