1620 having problems reading dvd's

I picked up my first burner this week, the 1620, and it is having extreme issues reading DVD’s when I put them in. I am assuming I will be bringing it back for a swap but wanted to toss the issue here in case I am missing something stupid.
These are original dvd’s it is failing to recognize, not burns. Jurassic Park 1 and 2, Van Helsing (recognized it after insert number 20ish, but then refused to play it), and Day After Tomorrow played without trouble after inserting it about 5 times. This is out of 10 dvd’s I’ve tried to watch on it so far :eek: .

When it fails to recognize it I mean it flat out thinks there is no DVD in it, gives me the ‘insert disk’ in XP. :sad: Updated to the latest firmware with no change.

So far anything I have backed up has worked great though, files or movies. It’s like the read laser is flakey.

please give more info about the firmware version, ide chip and dma mode. By any chance did u flashed yor dvd rw with a media in?

Your assumption is a good one. Swap it.

Swapping seems to have solved it, all the trouble dvd’s loaded without any troubles.