1620 + FUJIFILM03 DVD-R not scanning?




Ive recently got my BenQ DW1620 drive and ive come across a very strange problem. I attempted to scan some of my older media, which is Datawrite Grey Classic DVD-R with the FUJIFILM03 dye to see what how good of burn they have been on my NEC-3500 drive, as ive switched to FUJIFILM DVD+R YUDEN-T02 media.

When loading up Nero DVD-speed and going to the disc quality test I noticed that the ID field had no value and wasnt coming up as FUJIFILM03; i scanned the disc anyways and the result was good, though it got to a point and looked as if it had paused scanning, then after a while an error message would appear (image1). I found this very strange, so I did a transfer rate test with the same disc in the benQ drive and got an error again at a certain point(image2). The weird thing is, I know there is nothing wrong with the disc because I had scanned it in my NEC-3500, so I decided to transfer rate scan it again in my NEC-3500 just to make sure and the disc was fine (image3). After scanning the disc in the 3500, i put the disc back into the BenQ drive and loaded up the Disc quality test and noticed that it had recognised the ID correctly (image4) and it also occurred to me that the BenQ drive hadnt been picking up the correct size of the disc. The error message occurred when it got to the end of the disc but the BenQ drive thought the disc was bigger for some reason, until the disc had been put in the 3500 drive. The transfer rate test on the same discs in the BenQ drive was fine as well and began reading at 3.4x (image5), instead of 6.54x on the initial transfer rate when the error occured.

I only have 2 types of media available to me, those being the datawrite dvd-r and the fujifilm dvd+r. The BenQ drive will not recognise the ID or the correct size of the disc for the dvd-r media unless it is first put in the 3500 drive; though the BenQ drive recognises everything fine with the dvd+r media.

Is this a common problem what anyone else has found? I am currently using firmware B7T9 on the BenQ drive.

Ive attached all the images to give you a better idea of whats going on.



Did you eject your disc after you burned it in your BenQ???



The discs I am speaking about where the ID isnt recognised and the correct size and discs which have been burnt with my NEC drive from quite a while back.

Also, i realised there is a problem with the IDE connection, i posted this in another topic http://club.cdfreaks.com/showpost.php?p=863947&postcount=875
Maybe this could be part of the problem


Could someone help me out here? Something has got to be wrong; probably something with the IDE connection. Just to let you know, the BenQ drive is connected via a IDE PCI Controller, after just realising to install some software for the controller I can find out what connection it is connected at, the program reports that the drive is connected at MDMA 2 and says it is connected with a 80pin cable?

The card is the following

Having looked, ive realised the drivers I have installed are 3 years old, this could be the problem, will update and report back.

The media burnt is FUJIFILM DVD+R YUDEN-T02.





thanks for that, though my main problem now is gettin the drive to run at UDMA2 instead of MDMA2, just flashed the bios but had no luck and it wont let me update the drivers it keeps saying it doesnt find the drivers even though i am pointing to the folder they are in.



Is there an option to make a DOS flash boot floppy and flash it from that?
Your running the ODD drive from a PCI-IDE card. You need to hook it up to IDE on M/B. Put you HDD on PCI card.


dj_phatic just send to BenQ support description of yor problem.
I am almost sure it’s firmware issue.