1620 faulty enclosure?

I bought the 1620, it work plugged into the computer but not with the enclosure!
I got error 10 message in control panel/usb devices. My enclosure is alluminium silver and the brand is “MICROSOL”. Hiow can I make it work???

I browse the web and there are many incompatibility issues between 1620 and enclosure. I live in UK and all the suggestions are based for US enclosure (tec-wind, maccally, me 320 drivekit, plumax…), I can’t find this enclosure in europe and shipping from US cost a fortune.

Is there a list of compatibiliti for the 1620/enclosures?


in the first place…1620 is to be used as a internal drive…so getting a enclousre to work is luck and compatability…if any case…try looking out for prolific chipset based enclousres…i am based in singapore…and i can find a case which is similar to what the guys in the states uses…the maccally ones…but in singapore it was just a plain looking case…


This is the enclosure I currently use, although you will need to update the controllers firmware to allow 16x DVD recording over firewire (max 12x on USB) and you will also need a good firewire card.

I have no problems with it & can even flash the firmware via the USB connector.

BTW, the advert says it has an Oxford chipset, mine had a Prolific chipset which is prefered.

I discovered the MICROSOL has IC chipset I found some reference to Cypress in the user guide…do I have some chance to make it work or should I return back?

We had a tread like this one three weeks ago.
Check it out. :wink:

A visit to cypress semiconductors might also help.

BTW, I agree with eleewhm in general, but we have yet to find a 5,5" USB2 enclosure incompatible with DVDRW´s.

The Cypress ChipSet is for USB2 support. Most of the time is paired with the Oxford 911 for Firewire support.