1620 failure scare

I was installing a new Canon iP2000 printer using my 1620 as the install drive for the printer drivers etc… I put the CD in and it started OK but it sound like Bell Jet Ranger helicopter was landing on my desk and the vibration was noticable. I tried another CD and a DVD…both played fine. I concluded that the Canon install CD was improperly balanced and caused the temporary problem. Whew!!! My 1620 is OK afterall! :bigsmile:

LPsage…lay that CD on a flat table and look very closely at it. I bet it is warped and spinning at that high RPM would make that sound. Also look for any possible defects on the CD itself. Let us know what you find.

Test123, good suggestion. The CD is a bit warped. It ‘rocked’ when I placed it on a flat surface and pushed down on side. The BenQ DVD player I have installed played it without a noticable sound, the the 1620 was quite sensitive to it.

Try the Nero Drivespeed program to reduce the speed down to minimum and then make a copy of the Canon disc.

Thanks Danielwritesback…I’m not so concerned. I can always download from the Canon USA site for drivers, manual etc… The ordeal gave me a quick scare though, I was looking for receipts getting ready to return the 1620 to Staples. Glad I tested it other discs in it first.

Been there, done that, bought the T-Shirt :iagree:

The heart skips a beat, the adrenaline surges - then suddenly it hits you…the one thing that changed was the media, not the drive…

I’ve been at this 20+ years - it still happens to me now and then with one thing or another; fans, for example. We just don’t pay enough attention to our fans, do we? Next thing you know, the power supply overheats, the machine shuts down, a faint scent of burnt plastic drifts out of the machine…what did I expect for a $3 part, eh?

$3 power supply? Oh. . .yes. Those cases that include the power supply.
And the whole thing costs $20.
That includes shipping from China, and some profits for the middleman and reseller.
Now it is running an Athlon 64 and a video card that has 12 pounds of chrome and fans and two 7200 rpm hard drives and a gig of memory and a BenQ 1620 and some neon lights and six USB things and then there’s a sudden bad smell. . .

Okay, I’m concerned. I’m going to go buy a power supply that has English words on the sticker and a recognizable brand.