1620 external w/ Legacy 8x reviews

all right, it’s kinda like my first post.
Just got my 1620($50) and 100 Legacy 8X DVD-Rs ($30) from newegg two days ago. I am using an external exclosure. Bytecc ME320. connecting to my Dell 600M via a USB2.0 hub. I don’t know why I can’t do the disc quality test. So I’ll just give you a basic idea how this media is.

Firmware: 47N9.

DVD 1:1 Copy:
Movie: Garden State
software: DVD shrink
Time: 32 minutes (ripping + burning) w/o speedpatch
After SpeedPatch (a little bit more than 7minutes ripping)
Quality: Played flawlessly on my PS2 version 10.

PS2 games:
Name: NFL Street v2, Splinter Cell, FIFA street, NFS Underground 2, Prince of persia 2.
Software: RecordNow!!! I tried Nero too, but only 1 out of 2 discs were playable.
Quality: Played flawlessly on my PS2 v10 with Messiah 2.0pro Modchip.

Well, all I can say is 1620+Legacy are amazing. I don’t know what quality scores I would get, but since everything worked out well, I really don’t care about it anymore.

Drawback: Recording time using RecordNow is longer than Nero. CD Quality test doesn’t work.

Now, I am using Nero to burn Data files(the fastest speed), DVD shrink to burn movies and RecordNow to burn PS2 and PC games. This is the best combination I could get. (Threw in 10 Discs for testing softwares, LOL).

all right, hopefully it’s gonna be useful for someone
:rolleyes: enjoy 1620!!

screwu welcome to CD Freaks:
I never tried 47N9 but there are reports Nero Quality test doesn’t like it. You might flash to 47L9 if you want to run quality test. Also see if you have 3.70 or above CD/DVD Speed for the latest version.

I tried 47L9 too, but it didn’t work. I guess it’s either Nero or my Bytecc external enclosure

Well sounds like you’ve covered alot. Maybe one of the members with more enclosure knowledge than i have can help.