1620 - Dvd+r Dl

I could do with some expert advice here.

I have a 1600 flashed to a 1620. I tried burning a video onto Infiniti Professional DVD+R DL (Ritek D01). The burn went well. However in my Sony the disc would freeze at a number of different points. This was done with B7K9 or B7L9 flash.

I tried the same movie again using B7T9 flash. This time the movie played okay until the end (around 6-7GB) where is broke and froze and stuttered for about 30secs.

I tried again, using B7M9 flash. Haven’t had a chance to check it in full.

I used nero DVD-CD speed tool to check the quality of each.

For layer 1 they all have values <20 for PI errors, and <10 for PI failures. On layer2 is where they all differed.

for the PI errors
B7K9 produced values of <300, the peak block being around the 5.5-7G of 250.
B7T9 produced values of >400, the peak block being around the 6.5-7G of 450
B7M9 produced values of <310, the peak block being around 6.5-7G of 250-300.

The same for PI Failures, the T9 peaked ar 36, the K9 around 20, the M9 <20.

Now do you guys think this is media related or flash related or drive related?

I notice that on the same charts all show a dip in read speed at the early (200M) mark, and the layer change.


I’m sure more expert advise will follow, but I can tell you that the only DL burn I did, also on Ritek D01 but on my NEC 3500, went without a glitch but still the dvd did not play without hickups on my standalones, especially on the second layer. I have read such reports from others too, concerning the Ritek DL discs.

Yes, I also think that the problem is the Ritek DL media. Use Verbatim, Philips or RICOH with the latest FW installed.
I have no problems wth Verbatim (MKM) discs in my SONY standalone.

I agree with erdoke. I think it’s the Ritek DL media. I use only Verbatim DVD+R DL media and have had zero playback problems with them.

Okay I just purchased some Vertibam (MKM 01) disks at GBP6 each!!!

The first one, the burn hung around half way through layer 1 – no idea why.

The second completed, but the nero scan returned a “no additional sense” error about the 4GB mark (layer change? - yes the disc was ejected). It did rerun and the PI errors were mostly flat on layer1 at <10, on layer 2 around 80 (with 3 spikes at 100). PI failures peak of 18. So the media definately made a difference. There was no rising mountain towards the end on the vertibams.

Still need to test this on a DVD player, but this experimentation is expensive and making me remember the early days of CD burning. Wondering whether the drive is the real issue or media. The shop where I bought the Infiniti (Ritek D01) said that he had no problems with them and he’s using a pioneer. With the drives at GBP49, it wouldn’t take many coasters to make it worth while to buy a different drive.

The vertibam had a failure (ie flicked back to the start)

Well I went and got an NEC 3520 drive today. Tried the same film on a RitekD01 disk again. The results were interesting. The PI error rate was around 100 on layer 1 throughout, and on layer 2 it was around 130 - almost the same. The PI Failures <10 layer1, upto 20 layer2.

Initial testing not failing at any of the points the others have so far.

My conclusion so far RitekD01 <<<< poorer than Vertibam MKM001
Possibly BENQ 1620 not quite right on DL disks (cf NEC3520) – possibly.