1620 dvd burning problem



I just got a 1620 and flashed it to B7T9. When I run a Nero CD-DVD Speed Create data disc, it burns fine increasing burn speed all the way 10 16x. I have TYG002 (Taiyo Yuden 8X -R from Meritline, and use DVD Decryper for image burning) If I try to burn a DVD disc image (unfragmented, I just ran SpeedDisk before burn), it starts out fine, then at about 20% it goes to 0x for about 30 sec, the goes on it way, but never get above 12x. Even if it makes it to 12x it is only for a second or two before it drops back to 0x for a while (it mainly fluctuates between 3x and 6x, near the end stays around 3-4x). It takes about 12 minutes to burn a movie backup. The same thing happens with any image I try to burn with DVD Decrypter, Nero, BlindWrite, and Alcohol 120%. I have a few Memorex 8X branded PRODSICR03 +R, and they seem to burn pretty consistant at 12X. My problem is why do the TY burn the DataDisc test good, but any image files they ruin? I have some Taiyo Yuden +R’s comming in next week (hope it’s just that it likes +r’s better). Any help would be greatly appreciated. OH, it is also the same with with B7P9 as well.


IS ultra dma mode enabled ? I think your drive is in Pio mode


I have this problem with some cheap TY -R disc’s. They are way to cheap to be real TY’s, however I do believe that the TY’s from Meritline should be original (But I have never ordered from them). In the UK the cheapest I can find real TY discs is £0.65 each in packs of 100.

Double check by looking on the DVD Media thread and checking your discs against the info there regards fake TY disc’s.


Yes, I am in Ultra Dma Mode 2. I believe they are original Taiyo Yudens, Media code TY G02, and they have GG000102 in silver just before the center of the disc and a clear 440A32831GG stamped in the clear part of the hub.

The confusing part is why the great burn and scan from nero cd-dvd speed, but actual ISo burns are garbage.


Sounds like something is going on in the background during burn. Use Win Task Manager to see what may be hogging resources. Check & see what programs/processes are running in Background. Disable AntiVirus, turn off firewall, Ad or spy filters during burns, turn off auto Downloads.


so far my best burn on SONY08D1 8x@16x