1620 doesn't recognize a blank disc



I’ve got a 1620 and previously have had no problems. I haven’t burned lately, but I tried last night and the drive won’t recognize a blank disc. i put the blank disc in and the light blinks for a bit, then goes dark. if i try to burn with nero, it tells me to insert a disc. my other burner is fine, its only this one. if it does finally recognize the disc, the burn always fails at 1%. it doesn’t actually write anything to the disc. The drive still reads discs with data on them fine. it just can’t handle a blank disc.

i’ve tried on two computers, one with windows 2000 and the other with windows xp as an external drive. it is set to master. it worked fine on both computers before, so i can’t understand what happened. i’m using the b7u9 firmware. i flashed back to b7l9 then to b7u9, but still no luck.

appreciate any help.


If the drive will not work with the other PCs, then you should return to the mfr for repair.


i was afraid of that. thanks for the advice.


I just had same problem with a writer i had (optorite DD-405), just stopped recognizing/writing dvds. had to take back to supplier, and it got replaced. Only thing u can do is take back to where u bought it from for a replacement, providing your 1year isnt up :slight_smile:


i gave customer service a call. its the first i’ve had to deal with them. quick and easy - have to say that i was impressed. especially after dealing with lite-on customer service a year or so ago. that was a nightmare.

hopefully all will be back to normal soon.