1620.. does it suck/rule?

okay… so ive been hearing lots of stuff… I have a i/o magic external dvd burner sitting here in a box. I am unable to open it until christmas because it is a present from my girlfriend. Judging by the specs and graphics on the box, I am able to determine that it is a benQ drive. Now… What are my chances of getting a “b” vs getting a “g?” If I get a “g” drive am i screwed? Will cross flashing mess the drive up? Like, if i make it a 1620 b (which makes it pro, right?) will it burn just as well as a drive that was initially a “b?”

thanks in advance and sorry that I dont know much about burners!
Im hyped about getting my first dvd burner… I’m almost as excited as I was when i got my first 4x cd burner! heh :bigsmile:

I have an oem benq cross flased to B. It works like a charm. But as i see now on the forums the only difference between the G and the B is that B comes posted earlier and It will say in your computer BENQ 1620 instead of Atapi dvd…

Congratulations on your IO Magic BenQ. Your girlfriend must really like you.
When installing drive, install on 80 pin IDE cable with drive jumpered as master.
Use Nero Info Tool or DVDInfo Pro to establish current firmware.
Regardless of G or B firmware, easy to crossflash, one step, to latest B7P9 or B7S9 firmware. Go here:
Use WinDWflash and .cvt file of firmware you wish to flash to.
Make sure there is no media in drive when flashing & that you choose the correct burner to flash if you have more than one DVD burner.
There is also an excellent 3 to 4 step process to cross flash put together by “kenshin” posted in this forum.
Either process works well.
In the future, a seach of this forum(s) will provide you with answers to a lot of your questions. IE: everything I have stated above has already been posted many times.
A caveat, even some of my initial searches can come up empty due to wrong forum, search string, etc. So try again.

Don’t worry about the g/b firmware aspect - conversion is very straightforward. The only issue might be warranty support if you have any problems with the drive. You should probably use CDSpeed and burn a few test discs before doing the conversion, just in case.

You have what many people (including myself) consider to be one of the best burners available, particularly if you stay with +R media. It’s not perfect, but firmware updates are regular, and they are gradually fixing the few minor issues that remain.

You are correct - it would be a PRO when you switch the firmware. But note that this “PRO” name is just marketing hype - meaning that it can burn some of the double-layer media at 4X instead of the minimal 2.4X. Since this media is still extremely expensive, it probably doesn’t matter one way or the other.

I recommend you keep the burn speed for CD writing down to 24X instead of 40X. It will handle both probably, but my scans show the 24X speed is a bit cleaner. For DVD’s, feel free to overburn most 4X +R discs to 8X and most 8X discs to 12X - the scans are mostly great at these higher speeds. I’m not convinced that the 16X speed is completely ready for prime time yet based on the quality of some of the scans that I’ve seen, but others may argue this.

If your system is an AMD motherboard with NVidia nForce IDE drivers installed, beware. Many people have had problems with XP, even with the latest firmware (myself included), in particular with XP hanging on boot. My recommendation is to go with the Microsoft drivers and stay away from the nForce drivers altogether.

Good luck with your new drive and have a GREAT Christmas!

Thanks guys! Now I am even more excited! I shouldve posted earlier that the drive is a USB 2 burner. That shouldnt make a difference though. I’m running a P4 3.2 ghz machine… So I guess i dont have to worry about the AMD issue… And sorry for not searching before I posted… I shouldve known better! But I really hope that I will be posting some good things on Dec 25…


Love mine. Got it from TigerDirect. Alot better than my Litty 1633s and NEC2500a.

Do get some media from BenQ’s media support list to use with it.
To start with, I would get some Verbatim +R, because it seems to be trouble free.

Usually best results are achieved when using media at the manufacturer’s rated speed instead of max. Except for 16x media, and that usually writes better and faster at 12x. It’s only a few seconds difference, though.

Official firmware from BenQ’s USA web site has less reported trouble than many other approaches; although the difference is slim.

DVDShrink and DVDDecryptor are highly useful free tools.
Usually people use Shrink to read, resize, and automatically send an ISO (image file) to Decryptor for writing.
Decryptor has a few neat tricks with one “file mode” option–“Ignore Errors.”
Turning off this feature makes decryptor a fantastic quality control tool–seeing if you can copy your newly written disc error free (to a temp folder on your hard drive).
Turning ON “Ignore Errors” can read a horribly scratched DVD into a folder on your hard drive–where you can pick it up with DVDShrink and then you’re home free with a new, unscratched DVD. (I usually “help” it with some DVD wax if the original is badly scratched.) What a moneysaver!

Enjoy your new BenQ!
There are two drives on the market with variable focus that resists shipping damage from the factory to your house. You’ve got one of them, and that’s very good news.

Oops, USA site offers only K9. I should have said to use the firmwares listed at the BenQ’s global web site (currently an updated P9).
Sorry about that!

Jeremy, check out my USB scan in “post 383”, BenQ media thread:
Have flashed my drive to EW 1621, 47L9 firmware. I love my BenQ’s.

any hope for BenQ DW1620 support 8x ± RW in the future?

how were you able to tell for certain that you had the benq drive? I know that the write speeds for the dvd+r DL should be 2.4x, 4x dvd+rw, and 40x cd-r write… (did it say that on the box?), but is that all? could you post your serial numbers on the stickers on the box or anything? Thinking of picking up a iomagic external 16x from compusa today… Thanks.

I bet it is a BTC. I picked one up that had the same spec’s and it is a BTC. Gave it a try, what a lousy burner. It’s going back today. The burst rate was 11 mb/s until I flashed the latest firmware then it was 23 mb/s. The drive will burn @ 16x on usb2 but after 2.5gig the disc is a coaster. I was hoping for a BENQ.