1620 DL burning problem

Today I finally decided to try some DL burning since I was able to pick of some Verbatim DL’s for short cash. I’ve tried burning the files directly with Nero ( and burning an image with the last DVDDecrypter. Both supposedly finished without errors.

Problem is that I can’t access the freshly burned discs. On the drive they were burned in, if I try to explore, I just get a “Drive is not accessible” error. In my roomates computer, it just crashes Explorer.

Running B7V9 firmware and used MCSE to remove riplock.

So far I’ve wasted two discs… :frowning:

What speed are you using to burn the disc?
Could you please post the mid code of the disc?

Tried nero at 4x and DVDDecrypter at 2.4x


Try updating you nero and try scanning the 2 two disc that you have burn

I’ll try updating nero tonight, but the discs are not accesible in Windows.

New nero didn’t help :frowning:

tried official firmware…without hacks??