1620 can't burn at 16X in less than 6 mins.....why not?

Love my new 1620 (formerly I/O Magic before crossflashing). The only thing bugging me right now is not being able to burn 16x rated media in less than 6:00 mins. Is there a trick to this or is my burner just not as fast as some of the others I see here? Could it be my AV software (AVG) and other stuff (BHODemon, MBM5, Microsoft AS, etc.) running in the background? I’m pretty sure my system is up to the task, but something seems to be holding me back…

I’ve been using Verbatim MCC 004 and Yuden000 T02 media.

Here’s my configuration

Try disabling/removing the Liteon

I was running into the same problem where my max speed was 13x. I removed the Liteon, 16x is no problem.

You cant really (unless you’re very lucky) burn at 16x under 6mins without turning off the WOPC, you can do so by flashing the B7U9 firmware and downloading QSuite.

I remember their being a sort of trick that allowed you to do it with earlier firmware and QScan (That is burn under 6 mins not disable WOPC) but I cant recall the details if you search the forum I’m sure you’ll find it.

Hitting 16x is not the problem. I guess I’m just not getting there fast enough…

I remember reading the WOPC thread a couple of weeks ago. I might look into that. To be honest, 30-40 secs is not going to make that big of a difference. Plus, I’m pretty happy with the quality of the burns I’ve gotten at 12x, which only take about 6:40 or so.

I guess I was lucky then :confused: MCC004 @16x B7T9 5:58mins. http://club.cdfreaks.com/showpost.php?p=795756&postcount=131

You have to make Just one under 6min,to show I DID IT. Disable wopc, bookset back to DVD+R(not DVD-ROM) as bitsetting adds a few seconds to your burn time. Also do a full Qscan on several pieces of media and pick the best of the best. Do a Create Disc, save it print it and hang it on the wall, with a frame of course. :smiley: :wink:

Hence the word lucky :slight_smile:

I have burnt 16x rated media and it always took 6:00 for me.

Okay, now I’ll be able to sleep tonite…

I’ve been able to hit 5:58 regularly with my Benq–with WOPC still turned on–using 16X media and CD/DVD Speed. At 12X (which for me gives much cleaner burns that are at or near 99% quality), my 1620 finishes in 6:14. Out of curiosity, what is your 12X time? Maybe this can provide some clue.

Turning of WOPC can reduce quality so if you are willing to sacrifice quality for speed leave WOPC off, if you want quality burns leave WOPC on.

With WOPC on, about 6:40. I’ve gotten some really good burns, in the 97-98% range. Haven’t burned any at 12x with WOPC off and don’t intend to. I was just concerned about the speed of the drive. I’ll go back to the 98% quality burns I’ve been getting at 12x. I’m cool with that…