1620 burning at 8x instead of 12x or 16x when selected

i’m sorry i searched but i found nothing revelant.

my 1620 has been doing 8x when 12 or 16x are selected. no matter what i try i switch f/w switched slave/master same with ide position. anything i’m missing?

Tried different media?

o damn i forgot, i’m using mcc004 and mcc 03rg20 (all i got right now, coincidently do ya know where to get real taiyo yuden cheap?). f/w b7w9

Wow - Verbatim media usually kicks total arse.

Have you tried going into the Device Manager and deleting the drive, then rebooting and checking to see if DMA mode is on?

Sometimes after deleting the drive and rebooting, after it re-finds the drive, I will install the motherboard chipset drivers to help ensure all is in good order.

I also would do a disk error check / fix and clear out all your temp files.

yeah i’ve done that. it is in udma mode2 while the liteon 165hp6s is in udma mode 4.

Is the source of the burn on the same IDE cable as the Benq?

Try defragging the HDD & checking that it is in the correct DMA mode.

What does the Lite-On burn at?

the litey burns at whatever i choose.

no the benq is not with the source. i got a partitioned 200gb hd and the opticals are the on the secondary ide channel at their max dma mode. hd is defragged

So the Lite-On can burn at a full 16x?

Did the BenQ used to burn the media at 16x and only recently had problems? Or has this been ongoing?

yeah the litey can do full 16x. reading and writing. but benq only does 8x. i just noticed it recently as i used my litey to burn mainly

May not be the answer you want, but since the BenQ drives no longer have many (if any) media compatibility firmware updates, it might be time to retire the drive.

It was a sort of tough decision for me to pull the 1640 out of my main rig and replace it with the Lite-On, but the Lite-On simply reads more disks with less trouble than the BenQ did. For instance, my Panasonic DVR records to DVD-RW disks. Neither my BenQ 1620 or 1640 would read them. But the Lite-On in the eMac I used to have did, so I went ahead and bought the Lite-On for my PC, and sure enough, it reads them just fine also. When I got my new iMac, I found that the built-in drive also reads those disks without any problem.

So bottom line for me is that the BenQ’s seem to be losing ground in terms of compatibility at least, so they are likely to find a nice home on the shelf sometime soon, though they have served me well.

Wish I had better info for you.

Perhaps there are some tools available to help you define / alter write strategies and the like - I’m just not aware of them.

Good luck.

There should be no problem burning these media at 12x or 16x on your drive. The firmwares is mature for these media even long before B7W9. What burning program do you use? Try testing with CDSpeed create disc and post the scans (both Create Disc and Disc Quality scan).

i use imgburn i’ll do that in a bit

here it is

looks i’ll have to retire it soon

The write speed looks fine, it can reach 15x for not a full disc. I’m sure it will reach 16x if you wrote a full disc. So perhaps there’s a setting you need to change in ImgBurn if you think it wont write at 12x or 16x.

The PIE is a bit high but the raise at the end of the disc might be due to raise in jitter (up to 14%).

Media variability in term of quality is also to be considered. Unless you have a good batch, I’d suggest to burn it at 8x or 12x.

i always do 12x but you wanted a 16x. i agree with the imgburn thing. i dunno what setting tho

these same discs burn great with my liteon.

So the drive has no problem burning at 12x? What’s the thread title and first post about?

these same discs burn great with my liteon.
Then burn with Lite-On. :wink:

i meant it did burn at 12x but lately it doesn’t want to. it started 8x again