1620 buffer fine til 12.4x then a yo-yo

I have a 160 with T9 firmware and am using both TY +R and -R genuine discs. When I try to burn at 16X everything goes great unsil at about 80% when the write speed finnaly goes over 12X. All of a sudden the rest of the burn the buffer is a yo-yo between 23%-96% and the write speed stays around 7-10x until the disk buffer starts emtying and then it reaches around 11x. This happens using Nero and DVD Decrypter on every disc. Anybody have any ideas on this. OH, I’m on DMA Ultra2 on a P4 2.8. If anybody needs any other info on my system to help diagnose, please ask.

so, u r using a 1600, flashed to 1620 using B7T9?

if so, then too bad coz benq 1600 has got bad/lousier batches which can’t do >12x.

Hi - if you disable all those resident applications luring on the tasktray [including your AV/Personal Firewall], do you get this same ‘wall’ at 12x?

If this doesn’t help pin-point the issue; is the source-drive for the data you are writing to the 1620 on the same IDE channel?

as i said b4, that’s a known issue of certain bad batch of benq drive.
no matter how u do, it will still be stuck at 12x

get the stuck drive exchanged if possible.

  • Hi - could you provide a link to an information source for this ‘known issue’

yes please provide some links to this information. I have not read of such a problem. it could be a bad drive but with all batches there could be a few bad ones from any batch.
have seen some not getting past 12x speed but thats with tyg02 and nothing has been concluded from it.

It is an OEM 1620 flashed to T9 firmware from BenQ global site.

Source drive is primary master and burner is secondary master.

Could it be my ASAPI drivers. What is the current version, and where can I get them?

ASAPI=VOB software interface [now packaged by Pinnacle]: do you mean ASPI?

I had exact same problem, was working fine and with no reason, i reflash FW = L9(safe mode)>normal boot; burn DVD>T9(safe mode) > back to normal. I trace down how this happen (maybe only in my case) : Qscan(Smart scan) on TYG02,
write DVD on 16x, after this all hell broken, reboot don’t
help. I reproduce this “way to hell” 2-times.
Bottom line for me never ever run Qscan special SmartScan.
Try reflash and good luck :confused: