1620 benq sept 04 china gets white hot on top after 1 burn



my benq 1620 mounted internally doesnt even get warm whereas my 160 external usb2.0 (mounted in the open no cover on the ext case) gets TOO HOT to touch on top after a single burn or read…

is this normal behavior? is usb external somehow running hot as opposed to internal ide? tempted to switch em out and see… just seems very odd.

the hot external one is 2004 sept china.


i think you got the title wrong , anyway what external enclosure is it exactly? is it made from plastic? plastic isnt so good with heat disposition aluminium is far better at that also there are external enclosures with fans which keeps it somewhat cooler , some hds get real hot basicly depends on capcity alot of large capacity hard drives gets very hot

edit: nevermind bout that what enclosure is it/plastic questions just noticed you said the top is open