1620 Benq drive and media question

Can a few people tell me what DVD burning media is good with the B7V9 update?? I have read through the threads that version B7V9 is perfect for +R Media. Thanks!!

i using BENQ 1620 with Ricohjpn R02 burn 16x the quality is pretty good :slight_smile:

and i using the Real Ricoh made media … :bigsmile:

Because in sydney i can get it cheap :smiley:

both read back at 16x at my LiteON 165H (with code’s speed patch) :bow: and BENQ 1620 (with Ala42 speed patch) :bow:

Ricoh are nice …but as i said before if you can get hold of those TY T02 that will be :smiley:

i know the 2 spike on the end is not so good :a

but they all read back at 16x so i have no complain :stuck_out_tongue:

just if the above scan can remove those 2 spike at end i will be very happy :stuck_out_tongue: :cool:

PIF spikes are not really a problem unless they are large or numerous.

Its the overall trend that is more important the outliners.

How the heck can you match the speedpatch codes to the media I have or going to buy??