1620 B7W9 burning time 18 minutes - help please

I flashed to B7W9 with MCSE and DB region free. Burned a dvd using dvdshrink and dvd decryter which is set to max speed. Media is Fuji TY T02. I had 99% quality burn on this spindle of blanks with B7T9 before. After flashing to B7W9, it took 18 minutes to burn at about 3x speed. I tried a second one, and this time I scanned it first and ok to burn at 16x, but still got 3x burn speed. So, did I have a bad flash? Should I try again or go back to B7T9.


Edit: also, the cpu was running at 96%. I did not know what cpu was running at before using B7T9.

If you obtained 99% quality score with B7T9 then go back with it.

Did you reboot after flahsing your drive?

In fact, I flashed it many weeks ago, and I have used Record now to back up some files, altho I did not know the time it took. So, the computer has been rebooted many times since it was flashed.

A strange thing just happened. I stopped burning on the second disc, and put in a blank, and use Qscan, and it does not recognize 1620 as a Benq drive. After reboot, it is ok, but while I was using Qscan, cpu was very low (likely 1%), and I tried to open Firefox to access internet, but it would not open until I shut down Qscan.

you might have a problem with your ide controller on your nf3 are you using nvidia drivers or windows default?

Also have you checked your drive is running in dma mode as oposed to pio which really sucks. You can check this in device manager on the IDE controllers.

Chilledoutuk: thanks. My 1620 is set as master and my LG is set as slave. Both of them are connected to the Pri IDE via one cable. My HDD is connected to SATA 3.

In device manager, There are 2 Primary IDE channels, the first one says (Device 0, Ultra DMA Mode 6) Device 1 is not present. So this must be my HDD.

On the 2nd Prim IDE, device 0 (BQ1620), it has PIO mode, and device 1 (LG) it has Ultra DMA mode 2. I tried to set device 0 to DMA, but the Current Tansfer Mode still show as PIO, even after I reboot, it stays as PIO. What can I do to change it? Thanks.

BTW, I did not use nvidia drivers. I think I was using cable select before on both of these drives. Would it make a difference?

Go to your device manager and delete the 2nd Primary IDE channel that your BenQ is on. Once it is deleted you can either restart your machine or just go to my Computer in the device manager right click and scan for hardware changes and it should reinstall the drives… Maybe this will help get it back in to UDMA mode.:slight_smile:

Crossg: Thanks. It is now back on Ultra DMA Mode 2. Any explanation why it was bump to PIO?

Not sure but I believe Windows has a mind of it’s own and remembers what was on that channel. This is just like a fresh install of your drive. Something obviously got corrupted.:confused: Happy burning.:slight_smile:

i have had my plextor jump into pio mode a couple of times when it struggled to read a dvd-r once perhasps its like that.

Could be, I have read the same problem you mentioned a couple of times on this forum. Hasn’t happened to me yet.:wink:

That is actually one reason why the drive falls back to PIO Mode. When the drive in UDMA mode detected read errors up to six total CRC errors, the windows IDE/ATAPI driver reduces the transfer mode to one step lower DMA (in case of Plextor UDMA4 it will revert to UDMA2 first.) If the drive continues to receive CRC errors, the ATAPI driver reduces to the slowest mode which is PIO mode. Unfortunately windows will not revert it back.

Thanks for the explanations. I did tried to read a disc with a lot of scratches, resulting in many tries and errors. So, lessons learned.

Anyway, just burned a disc at 16x with B7W9 and got 68%, altho it can be payed back. I’ll try 12x to see if it any better, otherwise, back to B7T9.

Thanks again. :bow: :bow: :bow:

If you use DVD Decrypter to read (or rip), then the workaround to prevent reverting to PIO mode is to set the “Software Read Error Retries” (if I’m not mistaken) to a number less than 6. It’s under Tools - Setting - I/O.