1620 B7V9 and MCC003 only burning at 8x

Hey Guys

I haven’t posted much, but would like to ask for some help nonetheless…

My 1620 B7V9 (and htis happenedwith earlier U firmware as well, for as long as I had this batch of media) will burn my MCC-003 Verbatim media at incosistent speeds, sometimes at 12x pCAV, other times at 8x pCAV (actually at 7.8x)… and I am talkign about burning a movie in Nero itself, not in CD/DVD Speed.

Is this a known issue? I did have the OEM version at first, which i flashed with the retail firmware, and have been doing the B7xx updates since… Please help? Is there an out here to be had?


EDIT: is there another media that will work with thisdrive (white inkjet printable surface) that will consistently burn at 12x or 16x…

HEre is what I am talking about…

And here is one that happened to burn at 12x…even better quality

Look at the jitter difference… makes me think it’s firmware related… how can the difference in disk quality differ that much… when high jitter is somehow detected, it burns the disk at 8x? Please help guys

GurgenPB that scan is awesome! What firmware did you use and did you have WOPC enabled? It is known that WOPC is a bit oversensitive with latest firmware B7V9, that would explain the slower writing. However with MCC003 or MCC004 you can also disable WOPC as it is unnecessary with these kind of quality media. :wink:

OMFG! If i had such results i would spend a whole round of beer for the forums lol.
The jitter is in the limit i think and the pie und pif are awesome O.o the only very higjh spiky thingie is in the first scan.
I would say nothing to worry about.

It was B7V9 firmware, and the second scan …the very very good one is when te media DID right at full 12x PCAV. This is with WOPC enabled. And that is why it’s so surprising… at 8x, the jitter was muich higher than at 12x, not to mention the overall write quality.

My point was, is WHY THE HELL DOES IT WRITE AT 8x SOME OF THE TIME (MOST), AND AT 12x THE REST OF THE TIME?. How can I make it write at 12x all the time?


Hehe Jitter isn’t higher in first scan… max 9.6% vs 10.2% in secnod scan.

I guess it lowers the speed sometimes… when the drive thinks it can’t burn the disc safely at the selected speed (in your case 12x). It may be firmware related, media related or something else… I’m not sure… but you might try to reflash the firmware or try another firmware or change your setup for example try to move the drive to another IDE channel.

Maybe someone else might have a better idea.

THe simplest thing i would say it is the wopc ?!

Yeah its the “improved” WOPC algorithim that first showed up in B7U9 (and I’m assuming has made it way to B7V9 also), I saw this happen with various different media.

Ok. good deal… i will try to do that now… not sure how, will run a search i guess… if anyone can post a link that would be greately appreciated…

To do what ?

They only thing you can do is
a)Get different MCC 003 media
b)Go back to B7T9
c)Turn off the WOPC

The scan’s you posted are great I wouldn’t worry about the 12x too much you can always turn off the WOPC and see how they burn at 12x, the new WOPC was a bit touchy in B7U9 but so far with B7V9 I have had only one occasional speed drop with the OPTODISC 0R8 discs I have, the Thats Write branded always burn at 8x whereas the Samsung Pleomax burn sometimes at 4x, but previous discs I had that dropped in speed no longer do so.

Hey 8T8

I meant disabling WOPC… But…that’s not it… I jsut disabled WOPC, and it STILL burns for 8x…this sucks!

Any ideas?

This happens to me too, actually since U9. No idea how to fix this.

not just U, V and T as well… do you think changing to different channel might help? Prolly not…

I am thinking that it could be heat related… the heat builds up, and for some reason it shifts down to 8x…

Hey Guys

Here is another development… I tried to carefully listen to the drive, for some reason it spins down at a certain point, and at very same point the write speed drops from around 8.x to 7.7x and stays there the rest of the time.

Do you think it’s nero (, or is it the hardware…


The spin down is an indication that the rotational velocity is decreasing i.e. it is changing for CAV to CLV.

It still does even with WOPC turned off, well that is weird ??

Just for the sake of it try going into Windows safe mode and flash B7V9 again to the drive and see if anything changes with write speed and those discs.

MCC 003 come in different flavours : Datawrite, Verbatim in jewel cases, Verbatim in spindles.

I have no slow-down with the 2 first and hopefully will try the 3rd type shortly.

My 2 cents is that WOPC can decide anything (following its algorythm) depending on the condition of the disk. When it is off, there still is some sort of auto adjustment from the firmware at the beginning of the burn influencing the subsequent burn speed. Only debugging by Benq lab guys could tell where the drive decides to limit itself to 8X.