1620 B7U9-RPC1 Problems?

Anyone using the TDB patched version of the B7U9 firmware without the drive reverting to between RPC1 and RPC-2 state seemingly at random?

Its RPC-1 when I boot, use the PC for a while and boom, suddenly software is complaining the drive is RPC-2 with region unset, check it with DVDinfoPro and other software and they agree. I can then sometimes set the region (most of the time I get an error when trying this) and it will work fine as a RPC-2 drive, wait a little longer and the drive will be either back to RPC-1 or back to RPC-2 without region set again! :confused:

Normally I’ve using speedpatch and a single media strategy swap too so I thought it may be a patch too far :wink: but it seems to do this on “vanilla” RPC-1 .

Now as I usually am running AnyDVD I havent noticed this before but it damn annoying. :frowning:

p.s. are there any other B7U9 RPC-1 version out there other than the TDB EXE one at http://tdb.rpc1.org/#DW1620 ?

Well that patch uses the same methodology as ALL our other BenQ/Philips patches, and most other RPC1 patches for these drives are based on the versions we have released.

There might be problems, but you’ll need to define them better, and without running things like AnyDVD, DVD Region Killer, or other region interfering software.

Brother Vlad

Already uninstalled (not just disabled) AnyDVD for now and I’ll report anything I find. I’ll try to nail the circumstances down a bit better this weekend if I get the time, but as I said it seems to be fairly random.

Any chance that it could be a fault with the drive or maybe the fact its a Retail (fancy light version) Philips DVDRW1620K?