1620 (B7U9) hangs strangely

Hello! My first post here at cdfreaks! I’m very much hoping someone can help me out!

I have a new BenQ 1620, which I’ve upgraded to the latest firmware (B7U9) without any mods.

It’s connected to my laptop computer (Dell Insp. 8600) via USB 2.0 using a Bytecc ME-320U enclosure. It’s properly recognized by my operating system (XP Pro SP2). It seems to work fine for reading DVDs of all types, with results consistent with those posted in the review here of an earlier version of the drive.


When burning DVDs, for reasons that I can’t pin down, everything seems to work fine for a while. The drive spins at a constant speed (audibly, at least), the red lamp flashes at a regular rate…

…and then, apropos of nothing, the drive goes into an (endless?) cycle of quickly spinning up, flashing its red lamp once, then spinning down. It does this three times in succession, then spins up a forth time, the red lamp flashes a few times, and then the drive spins down and the whole pattern repeats…

It seems to be willing to do this forever. Until I stop/cancel whatever the current software operation might be (it could be Nero DVD Speed doing a transfer rate test, a DVD copy program burning a copy, backup software writing a disk image) at which point, after it’s completed its cycle, it again spins up, seemingly normal, as it did initially, remains that way for about 20-30 seconds, and then spins down, after which control returns to the software.

I’m using Ritek DVD-R (G05) media which QScan indicates are fine for both their rated speed (8x), and the 4x at which I’ve used them.

I’m at a loss as to what the problem is. I’ve read comments about chipsets associated with the enclosure… DMA issues (DMA is properly set on my laptop for all drives)… nothing seems obviously amiss.

What am I missing?

Thank you!!

well BenQ does not like G05…for sure…try a plus format dvd…

I’d have to agree with elee on this one. I’d try different media before condemning the drive. If you have a Best Buy, Staples or Office Max local you could try to pick up a 50 pack of Fuji DVD+R or DVD-R’s. Look for Made In Japan spindles. At least this way you’ll know you have good media that the BenQ definitely likes. Worth a shot if nothing else. :slight_smile:

I use Ritek 05 and burn them a 8 speed with u7 and never had a problem
I only have problems with Princo -rs

I’m certainly willing to try different media and see if that resolves the problem. I’ll try to pick some up today. For what it’s worth, however, in the media threads in this forum it does look as though others have had few problems with either G05, and even G05@G06 burns. But, it could just be that I have a ‘bad batch’.


Everyone, “it appears”, is telling you it’s media…

But, I bet money on it, it related to the External USB Case…

Please read the “Big External Case” Thread…

Yes, I read much of the External Case Thread before posting here. I even have an RMA number from NewEgg for my enclosure, should I decide to return it, after which point I’ll try to buy a combo USB/Firewire unit sure to have the most desired chipset. But I figure it can’t hurt to try a few different pieces of media first… it’s only money, afterall… right?

G05 will on the whole burn fine (not excellent but ok) on the drive, but its even better if you strategy swap G05 to TYG02 (1/5 the PI and 1/3 the PIF).

Ritek has a quality control system which is a little erratic (but nowhere near as bad as CMC) and some very bad batches of G05 have been out there (early ones in particular), they are getting better (typical - just as they seem to be winding down G05 production) but it may be you got a crap batch. :frowning:

I seem to have had better luck with the G05@TTYG02 (thank you, Prototype, for that piece of advice). I bought some Fuji (Mfg: JPN) DVD+R 8x today and have also ordered a new enclosure with the Prolific chipset… so we’ll see how good things can get!