1620 b7t9 infodisc a01 (2.4x +rw) problem


i have a 1600 to 1620 benq drive, and i just lost some of my backups due to bad burns with 1620 b7t9/b7u9

i tried the same disk with 716a 1.04 & 3500a 2.19, and both produced very good results.

i was wondering whether my 1600 (now w/ 1620 firmware) is defective or could it be because it is not a true 1620 drive as i heard that the true 1620 has a different hardware from 1600


first one was burnt by 1600 with 1620 firmware b7u9 (latest as of 2005/03/21)

2nd one was by 716a 1.04

3rd one was by 3500a 2.19 rpc1/ripunlocked firmware

What speed did you burn at? The Infodiscs I have are labeled as 4x. But at 4x I get coasters. On the other hand - I get very good results at 8x and even “officially” acceptable burns at 12x but I stick to 8x. I’ve posted a couple of scans somewhere on these boards.

free4all, thanks for your reply.

this is a 2.4X +RW disk; i burnt @ 2.4X
i read few reviews, and it seems like 1620 is not very good at any dvd rewritable media like many other burners.

guess, i need to use 716a for this disk or give away :wink:


I have some Memorex brand Infodisc 2.4x +rw.
I can’t find the scan result here, but I remember, at least, my 1620(non-pro, flashed to B7T9) didn’t burn a coaster when I tried a full burn. The PIF avg was rather high, but within an acceptable range. (I thought of even testing overspeed, but I forget to do so.)

Have you tried B7S9? I know a lot of people say that this firmware was only release to burn some crap media sold in asia but, IMHO, INFODISC is crap media!

Here is a link to a scan of the INFODISC burned with S9 (middle scan).
As the post says, the spikes were there because the media was old, used and scratched. But all the movies I burned on this media with S firmware played fine.

I tried P and T firmware with these discs but S gave me the best results. I have now switched to T because I no longer use the 2.4x media.