1620 as slave?



being that i really love my 1620, i really shouldn’t be even considering this. but i just got a pioneer109 at newegg for $50. figure it was too good of a deal with free shipping. can never have enough burners anyway. the problem i’m having is deciding what to do with my 1620 now. here is my current setup. 2 serialATA’s Seagage Barracuda’s running in raid0. i have a plextor716A set as master on my primary ide and the benq1620 set as master on my secondary ide. this to me is an ideal setup as i hate having slaves. so my dilemna is what to do with pioneer109. i tried putting it into my old computer but that doesn’t go past UDMA2 and the pioneer needs to go to UDMA4 for optimum perfomance. now i’m toying with the idea of putting the pioneer as master on my secondary, and then changing the benq1620 to slave. just want to know what people’s experiences are with their 1620 running as slave. any performance dropoffs especially if you mainly use it for ripping. thanks.


No drop-off here. My OEM BenQ1620 is @ slave, and I use it for 95% of rips and burns, and even @ 12X burn, it’s OK.

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my 1620 is as slave on the same cable as my liteon 1653!!!
The reason I did that is because my 1653S is running in DMA4 and my 1620 is running in DMA2 !!! Everything is working like a charm!!


hmmm, you should have gotten the SATA plextor so you wont run into this dilema. But you should be ok putting it on the slave as long as you do not run the master drive (pioneer) and slave (BenQ) simultaneously.


There’s no way to burn on master and slave at same time?


of course yes!!! but with higher risk!


thanks for the input everybody. yeah getting the serial Plextor was an option, but i only have 2 serial connections on my board and they are used by my hard drives. i’ve read stories how the the Plextor716SA has some problems with serial controllers, so i decided to not go that route. the 1620 seems to be okay with it on slave. only time will tell how performance will suffer with two optical drivers on one controller. but with a good board and 500W supply, i think they should run smoothly. now my pioneer is running on UDMA4 and 1620 on UDMA2. so i think it was worth changing.