1620 and Win Xp wierd

I have experienced a strange moment today with my flawless Benq 1620. I was watching a movie from a dvd(had 5 DIvx movs on it), and suddenly my player(bsplayer) stopped and said that the tray might be opened. And my Benq was flashing red as if it was writing, and the ejection procedure was locked.

I had to reset . Later I checked the event log and see that Windows started the imapi service(the one for burning cds) out of the blue. I have stopped that services and now everithing seems good. 2 questions though:

1 Has anyone experienced smth like that?
2. Having the imapi service stopped will also affect nero writing or just the Win Xp Roxio stuff?

Me and others usually as a matter of standard procedure in XP disable the imapi and messenger services. I also disable the firewall. I have Nero, if anything Nero operates more smoothly with XP imapi disabled.

Thanks Heff I didn’t Know that …This was a first . I thought I just lost my brand new drive…