1620 and TYG01 very inconsistant, any recommendations?

I have been working my way through 100 of the Supermedia TYG01 4x value DVD-Rs.

Most (~60%) burn awsome and I get a 97-99% scans.

With some, ~10% have been getting PIF spikes of 45-50 and quality scans of 40%. This has happened after I burn 2 98% burns, then 40%, then 98%

I’ve tried the different firmwares and am currently using B7U9 as it gives me the best results.

Any way to improve the result? Which Firmware has worked best for you?

B7V9 works better for me with -R.

Also I found the TY G01 is unconsistent at 8X whereas 4X is always awesome.
Pity that 6X is not available as in the Nec 2500.

I,ve had great results with -R with B7t9, u9 & v9. Currently sticking with B7v9.

My BenQ DW1620 has a tendency to get out of balance. Out of balance creates vibration, which would screw up both a burn and read back. The way I am able to bring it back into balance is to get it to spin at 16X speed. I use the speed patched firmware, which unlocks ripping speed. Before I burn a DVD disk, I through in a disk that I have previously burned, and then let Nero CD Speed to do a transfer test. Immediately after 16X speed is reached, I stop the test and proceed to burn with Nero.

Also, before I do a quality scan with Nero CD Speed, I do the transfer test first. That will get the speed up to 16X. Then I do the quality scan.

This procedure often eliminates the spikes near the end of a burn. Please give it a try. It doesn’t cost anythig.

I am more annoyed with the isolated high spike at the beginning which I attibute to early acceleration conjoined with WOPC .

Does the “pre-burn acceleration” that you suggest also eliminate this ?
Or is it another effect that comes into play ?

Pre-burn acceleration does not eliminate spikes at the beginning. It only helps near the end.

I’ve watched the speed of burns with both Nero and DVD Decryptor. It seems like DVD decryptor starts much slower at the very beginning. You might want to give it a try to see if it eliminates the problem at the beginning.

Okay, I switched to B7v9 and got 4 good burning in a row at 4x.

falberni - I think you are right - I burned 4 in a row and they all came out perfect after running a cdspeed test. The slower burning speeds 4x seem to throw off the balance (at the end of the burn) after 2 have been burned at 4x.

I’ll try the dvd decrypter burning. I always get a small spike around .8 GB.