1620 and QSuite?



Just got a 1620 OEM. Fw is B7U9. When downloading QSuite from BenQ, the software notes say that QSuite only works on the 1625 and the 1640. But I saw somewhere else on this forum that you can use QSuite on the 1620. Is this true, or did I misinterpret?

Also, other than the WOPC Enable/Disable, is there any advantage to using QSuite over CDSpeed?


Forget QSuite, use Quikee’s WOPC Tool.


Okay, thank you, I’ll look at it.

But as to my original question: Will QSuite also work on the 1620?


Yes, Install the app and read “Help” --> QSuite Help.

BTW, use SEARCH next time because all this has already been answered numerous times… :wink:


Whoops, sorry! :o Silly me, I just took the BenQ site’s word for it, and didn’t scan enough pages here. Mea culpa!