1620 AND MCC 004 problems



I have a 1620 with b7v9 firmware and i am having problems w/ verbatim +r mcc 004 discs. I had the same problem w/ sony d11 discs. About ervery other disc would fail to write. I also have some RICOHJPNR01 discs and these always write w/ good scans. Is there a way to get the mcc 004 to work also??? or should i just use another burner to burn through these other discs??? thanks


Do a search on the BenQ forum for Verbatim 16X.
There are numerous post of people with very good results, using your FW and the same media.

Suspect it might be other issue. (bad batch of media, etc).
Try another burn.

If you still have problems suggest you try to reflash your drive with different FW.


should i disable wopc for these discs???


No. Try with WOPC enable first.
What’s the error message with the write fails?


i am using clonedvd and it says could not finish possibly for bad media


I have recently had the same problem with MCC003 and MCC004 while burning with Nero. Mine turned out to be bad media and I had two really bad spindles of MCC003 where only seven out of twenty five would burn. With the MCC004, I had to return two spindles before I got a third which were ok. I think that MCC media has deteriorated considerably in the past six months and at the moment, the only disks worth buying are TY.


i guess i will just have to keep trying to find
the ty or the RICOHJPNR01 that i have been using


is there a better firmware for this media mcc 004??


Why don’t you burn a disk with Nero CDSPeed create data disk, do quality scan (if possible) and post both graph here. Even if create data disk failed, post the scan too. :slight_smile:


Nero CD Speed Test results

General Information

Operating System Windows XP
Drive BENQ DVD DD DW1620
Firmware Version B7V9
Serial Number
Disc DVD+R
Capacity 4.38 GB

Write Transfer Rate

Write Mode DAO
Start 5.61x
End 15.98x
Average 11.40x
Type CAV


Time Elapsed Action
[16:59:20] Creating Data Disc
[17:05:20] 6:02 Speed:6-16 X CAV (11.40 X average)


Unfortunately the scan doesn’t look good. I am less worry about the PIF=20 spike but more toward the dense PIE and PIF at 2.5GB untill the end of the disk. The PIE max is also above the limit. Can you try burning at 12x just to see if the drive is able to burn better?


Also on your disk quality test, go down to 8X instead of Max speed.


unfortunately i am not at the machine that has the 1620 in it, i wont be back there until thursday…it is only this way w/ these and the sony d11 discs it seams, if i use the others mentioned earlier i get 97-98 scores…i will do the test again thursday and post


Your scan looks exactly like mine did with my bad spindles of MCC004. I am sure the problem is bad media as my replacement spindles are brilliant.


I have no problems with MCC 004 on my BenQ 1620.

Firmware: B7P9
Burn speed: 12x
Media: MCC 004
My Source: 25pack 16x Verbatim on sale for $9.99 at bestbuy. Bought it on Monday.

In fact, I think that’s the lowest PIE I’ve ever gotten with any media period.

AWILLIAMS64: Try burning at 12x and post the results for us to analyze.
Don’t forget to set scanning to 8x, since it’s standard here.


i’m having trouble with 16x minus code #MCC03RG20, out of 25 batch 10 work fine now they are burning very slow 8 mins or more where the overburn disc are doing great, so i went to best buy and bought some more same thing, is it the burner or the disc? should i ret the burner? like i said 8x disc burnt at 12 or 16 x great burn time sony and verbatim 8x.
Does any one know if maxell over burn at 12 or 16x and tdk also


Hey Lothario… What a KICK A$$ Scan.


[QUOTE=Lothario]I have no problems with MCC 004 on my BenQ 1620.

Firmware: B7P9
Burn speed: 12x
Media: MCC 004
My Source: 25pack 16x Verbatim on sale for $9.99 at bestbuy. Bought it on Monday.

we are not talking about 12x speed on 16x disc, we are talking about 16x burn, please post that


I went to walmart of all places and had them match price circuit city on sony 8x discs and they are YUDEN000T02…they had 4 packs of “fabrique in japon” i am going to try them tomorrow and i will post a scan. I thought it was spelled japan or is this another place that i dont know about???


Hehe. That is French so maybe you got a Canadian Version which normally has both languages on the pack because mine says the same.:wink: