1620 and burnatonce/prodvd

Has anyone been successful in getting the burnatonce/prodvd combination working with a 1620? I’ve been trying and can’t. See here

no one?

I guess I’ll take the overwhelming response as a no.

Well I installed it and it doesn’t seem to work & throw’s up an error saying image does not match current project when I clicked the write button (tested 1620 & 1625).

Just out of curiosity why burnatonce when Nero/CopyToDVD/DVD Decrypter[free] seem to do the job just fine (if not far better from my brief experience with burnatonce) when burning images ?

Also what’s ProDVD they only thing I could find references too are it’s either a shady looking piece of DVD copying software, something related to Linux or a Firewire card bundle with some movie editing software ?