1613s question


Does the 1613s support bitsetting,
and what firmware can I use

ftv37 welcome :slight_smile: please read the Please read: Posting guidelines from the link at the top of the Liteon forum homepage. Following step 2 you may find yes it does support bit setting and you can use OmniPatcher to Auto Bitset any one of several FW from
Codeguys Firmware Page that will upgrade your 1613 to a 1633s or 1653s. Please read all the instructions and readme’s that are included :slight_smile: keep us posted

I’ve also got a question about this. I know the 1213/1613/1633/1653 are all the same hardware, but there’s nowhere I can find a decnt comparison in writing quality and at what speed and with wich writing strategy. Also some are P-CAV, other are Z-CLV, it’s all pretty unclear.