1613s and 1633s OH NOES :'( Won't read disc!



Ok, it’s been a while since i’ve done any of this so let’s put that out there!
I origionally had the 1613s firmware on it because that’s what it is.I then flashed it to 1633s a couple years ago.Then it messed up and I had to reflash it and then no problems until now :frowning:

Within the last week or two my drive was messing up when burning dvds or cds. So I decided to re-flash my drive from 1633s to the 1653s. After that nada :’(

It will read a cd but not a burnt dvd or origional. And it doesn’t even seem like it speeds up to try and read it. I’m at a loss since i’m so outta sync with this. Any ideas?



Wrath, if it won’t read DVDs at all, even to boot from one, but CDs still work, then it’s likely the DVD laser diode has died (there are apparently separate ones for CD and DVD).

If you’re having trouble with CDs also, it’s worth opening the drive up and cleaning the rubber-like ring around the spindle that holds the disc (I use an alcohol wipe). If there’s a lot of crud there, the disc won’t spin reliably.

All of those firmwares are supposed to be compatible with the same hardware, so I dunno that the flash is at fault…


Yeah, I understand. I’ve just had problems flashing it before lol. And the firmware ended up being the problem :confused: I hope I can get it to work but thx for the help. I’m pretty sick right now so i’ll try to get it open and cleaned when I get some free time.



Might be time for a newer drive.