16102B capable of mode2 burn?

i want to burn a .bin iso with the following .cue

TRACK 01 MODE2/2352
INDEX 01 00:00:00

i have tried to burn it using mode2 as specified, but it isn’t able to close the cd. Is this because my liteon 16102B is incapable of burning isos in mode2?

Which burning software? Did you try RAW writing?

i am using the latest nero…and when i select mode 2, the raw option gets selected and can’t be changed. You can only turn it off when burning in mode1.

perhaps it was just chance that the burn didn’t work. What is the most common reason that the writing software is unable to close the cd? I have no cd-rs left, can i use cd-rws? If so what options do i select to make sure that i can still use the cdrw again?

My LTR-12101B can burn in Mode2, although I’ve never tried to burn a Mode2 image with it. If my 12101B can burn Mode2, I’d be very surprised if your 16102B couldn’t.