1610 Help Needed (f/w Problem)

Got a dw-1610 drive at least thats what the sticker on the cover says…but nero info tool and windows report this drive as “FACTORY AGING TEST” with firmware “AGE6”.
Tryed to update f/w from windows , all versions i could find official or not and all the time i get the same message :
“Invalid f/w version.You cannot upgrade this drive.”

The first reflash of the drive to a different firmware base requires you to use a .CVT file that doesn’t check model/firmware numbers.

And where do i get the .CVT file ?

Please post a link if possible…


Also get the Window’s flasher to use the CVT

downloaded the flasher and the cvt flashed the drive and …disaster the drive post as atapi cdrom and fails to any command manual(eject) or via mouse … the led doesn,t even lights up during post,
Having nothing to loose used the flasher (the only thing that makes the led blink) to flash 1600 cvt file…same…1610 bulk cvt file … same…until and yes a succes i flashed it with 1620 B7T9.CVT file and the drive after restart is a brad new 1620 !!!

burned 2 dvd-r a o.k. feeling lucky flashed it with B7T9RPC1 f/w directly (no cvt file) and know windows and nero info tool show the drive region free.

T H A N K S beach-hobo I 'D never have try it on my own…

One more … read somewhere that you can convert 1620 to 1625 and noticed the 1625 cvt file should i push my luck another step ?

Don’t. You can certainly try that, but first it doesn’t give you lightscribe which is the only selling point of 1625 in my opinion, and second it actually reduces write speed of your pseudo 1620. So why bother? :wink: