160P6S latest test firmware

Thank-you those concerned with the release of the new test firmware for SOHW-160P6S drives.
This has now cured all start-up clicky noises on my set-up ,impressed.

Firmware PV94WIN. :clap: :bow:

I still have the clicks with PV94.

I’m pretty sure PV94WIN didn’t even address the clicking noise in any way. Maybe it was just a coincidence, for example my drive will not click when it is warmed up, it usually will only do it from a ‘cold’ start (say, turning the computer on after having it off overnight).

My mistake guys ,spoke to soon.
Several power-ups later and clickty click is back ,not sure why it dissapeared for a while ,but it’s back again. Still they will fix it eventualy ,I have faith.

Well to be honest I’m yet again disappointed with the new firmware Once again clicks on start-up.
I know the guys on here are good but I’m starting to think this problem is beyond there expertise .

That’s right warmed drive is not clicking. The clicking is not heard also even at ‘cold’ start if the room temperature above ~ 20 C. Maybe it is the drive mechanics after all.