160P6s - Having Problem Using 'OmniPatcher"


Probably me - but when I try to load the codeguys unzipped 160P6s.PS09.stock.exe into OmniPatcher I get the following error message:

“Unable to process this .EXE file!
Please make sure that the file is valid and unscrambled.”

Yet the Codeguys site says that the files are unscrambled-

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated-



Omnipatcher does NOT work on any 5S or 6S series drive. Please see the big omnipatcher thread stickied at the top of this forum.

Yo HN-

Yup - finally found it on page 8 of the OmniPatcher stickie-

Thanks for the info - even if the news is not great - used the hell outta OmniPatcher for my LiteOn drives in the past-

Going to try the new test firmware-