160P6S Finalize problems

My machine has three burners in it. A Benq DW1655, A Mad Dog/NEC 4550 and the Liteon 160P6S. First two burners work without any issues when doing a movie backup using 1Click Dvd Copy. The Liteon fails to finalize the DVD’s. 1Click shows the DVD as finished and finalized but it will not read in anything and Nero shows it as open vs closed when using info. So it appears like they are failing to finalize. First two burners are on IDE2 as master and slave, Liteon is on IDE1 as a master. I have tried different brand media and results are the same. I installed this drive in a external USB housing and it fails to finish when writing at various points in the burn. I had a Benq DW1670 installed in this USB housing with no issues. I haven’t tried a burn with nero or something else yet as I have alreay wasted about 10 DVD’s at this point. Do I have a bum drive or a software problem?

Which firmware are you using?
I have absolutly no issue with mine!!!

I am using PS0A. Are you using 1click also?

No, I am using ONES (see my sig) or Nero for burning, and dvdfab decrypter or DVD Shrink for backup.

I returned the drive last night, the store did not have anymore so I just received a refund. I think something was wrong with that drive. With the Liteon 1Click would show it was finalizing for about 2 seconds and then it would eject the disk. Funny thing about it is that when I used a DVD+RW it worked everytime. My other drives take about 30 seconds at the same point. I reinstalled my DW1670 and all is OK. I reinstalled my DW1620 in the USB box and it is working fine also. I might try a Liteon again in the future, if they get anymore or someone local has any sales going.

I picked up a 165H6S and it works fine with no changes to my system. Looks like I had a bad drive. I was about to give up on Liteon drives but this one seems to work good so far.

I have the same problem, I know the drive is the problem because it makes funny noise sometimes, I will return this drive and ask for a replacement.

“Funny noises” like clicks on startup? This is a known problem with a wide number of drives, but it rarerly causes any real issues. My SHM-165H6S clicks several times rather loudly on startup, but I have yet to have a single issue with it. It’s by far the best drive I have – including a SHW-1635S (Sony DW-Q30A crossflashed) and a BenQ DW1650. They’re both great drives, but the LiteONs handle different media far better than the BenQ.